Trade Wars

Trade wars and many  things that are capturing the market:

to sum it up Inflation, trade wars, end of cycles political risk, consumer dept, weak dollar and on an on I can go Vol is jumping around Tech sector down a lot taking big hit over the facebook $F regulation and also leaks.
So all of this is not to be taken light and economic data is still strong … But is also be strong for a long time so therefore this is a market where you should be on you’re guard and therefore where not fully invested… If we bottom I want to able to buy a lot if we are getting in a real bear market it will be time for shorting 🙂 That time is not there yet in my opinion. Interesting thing that CBO forecast the US will have a 19,5 years without recession uh really that would be a BREAKING record!!!

Good Explainer Video abou trade wars

So all in all Im maybe not so much as on openbook but believe me Im a lot on analyzing and watching the market the whole day!! And yes a lot of alarms are there when I’m sleeping….

So for now I want to wish you all a great day please feel free to share!!

Best read and trading tip:

Greetings Noa Strijbos

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