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HI all

So I’m in the back doing so much work its insane! And this is fine I love that! But therefore sometimes Im little less online on openbook! ! But make no mistake it will be turning in money (this is not a promise as always I promise to gie my best!! Which means I will try to perform at my best in my ability!! With my experience That I have! In trading and being on etoro!)

having some great trades coming in and understand that all my trades are in the portfolio not one stock will be traded on its own well rarely 🙂

So what now UUH what etoro that commercial that’s drops on me… Where you say that traders give advice… I mean reviews SL WRONG ADVICE ALWYAS HAVE A HARD SL (unless you go in massive profits!!! ) “TAKE PROITS”>>> never take profit if you’re in Green …. Only if its a stale trade… And well yeah uh want some good advice? Trail it until you cannot trail it any longer…. Trail it until you’re so Green that you’re brain CANNOT HANDLE IT ANYMORE… And my BRAIN CAN HANDLE THAT FOREVER!

So DID I JUST GIVE YOU SOME REAL ADVICE?? Please share and like and copy!!

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