Trading Forex 18 jan

Trading Forex

So all in all busy time the forex part of the portfolio are working sometimes as a hedge sometimes as making profit the usd/jpy is going Strong as is the spy

$Apl got upgraded

It was a easy week for trading despite trade wars impeachment themes.

Economics are calling g for tops all the time downward Will be soon… Fact is… Markets trading higher and no catalysts can bring it down for now… The have bin wrong for years now…. I don’t mind I just trade the market do not forget the markets itself is a. Forward looking mesmerism… And yes sometimes I’m hedge or trade other directions but that’s only to keep us safe in times we need it.

As much I was honest about the pregnancy and the hospital that follows I m honest with you now again… I have a lot more time on my hands more to analyses more to trade quick!! And you will see that in my trading that is a promise….. For those who are with me for years you what I mean…not Promising 2016 numbers but I will give my best! As always!

I’m proud of the drawdown number we got in the account nobody can argue that performance I love real green equity!!! Yes I love real green equity!!!!!
Oh really yeah one more time I love real green equity! In the Context of affirmations!!! Since there so powerful.. I love green real equity!

On that note wish you all a great great day!

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