trading hollidays and a question for you!!

Good morning all,

yes with holiday in the process Im little less active on openbook since the analyzing in the back is super important for me to do properly and with all focus and Since I do have a family and that is ofcorse super important since that is on e of the things that drive me forward!!! With that said,,, markets are nice and fun always end of the year,,, also fund managers are watching out top make sure there pefommace are not giving back to the markets,,,for the ofiaxe reasons.. To be honest my attention is more towards te next quarter in the new year.. in the mean time Im hedged for a little which is created to make sure big hits wont hurt us…. When the market getssss hits like last year … Remember last year traders had to go back to there trading desk there literal where called to come back from there vacation….. Just to give you an idea!!!

On that happy note wish you all a great great day good days with family and also I do have a questions….more And more I get persons who like my website for the explainer post …. Please if you have ideas let me know since I like to create valuable things for you as my followers!!! Especially for those who are with me for years on now!! like these posts!

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