Trading my stock portfolio

Good Morning all!! Its al about the drawdown now!!! Yes the world is stil in panic mode not working proper in a way,.,., And yes than one thing is so important………. stay liquid and make money in the proces… so this is what where doing,… I alwasy make my own trading desicisions but at etoro I only keep my copyrs in my head.,.. I do understand you do not need lockups you need to be liquid and make money in the proces!!! So as litle Drawdowns I can get you and making money in the proces……. Can I do that yes… its one of my best trading skils trenght ( I know my weaknesses as well!) And as you see I know how to trade a crash!!! So persons always ask me what s youre strategy… well seriosly i have many you see my defercification comes from trading in multiple ways when markets change… (or when my personal situation changes oor brokers change rules whatever you trow at me)

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