Trading portefolio Update 29-1-2023

Good morning all!

Here some words on upcomming year!!

So markets where up down and in 2022 we build into some amazing company’s. Now this year we will building that out but I will also be doing some shorter term trading I will look into some currency’s also since there big moves to come. And we all know how I like those!! On the shorter term trades We will be sometime be hedging and trading around positions so you know I can sell and buy at the same time some older copyrs will recognize this from early years.
I did a poll on what persons would like more trading or investing and since the outcome of that was equal and so in line with what I always say you need both and there two different thing this will be what I will do and never stop.

I also had a poll on what you would like to see more in terms of what I write on the blog and I will be doing more of that to you ask I try to give. But do understand trading and investing comes First always but thank you that the blog is so well received.

Here some post that you are helpfull:

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Noa Strijbos

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