Trading tip Ignore Mainstream Media as much you Can!

Trading tip!



This week was Very interesting and also lot of proof that if you want to be a good trader you need to have some skin to resist all what’s told by the mainstream media!! So yes Just ignore it as much you can~!! There predictions are wrong almost always… The where wrong with the brexit wrong now with the elections! And even worse they where wrong on how the market would react when those events would play out they did!!!

More Reason to Ignore mainstream media the Media is there to convert clicks and reads….its  not to inform you correct there there to make you read there created content wich has noting to do with correct information.

I also see maintream media as a big trap 🙂 for you as a trader it let you consume things there not important for you as a trader at all even when youre a socialtrader like me it doenst help if youre  brain is bussy with  things that happend in the past I mean its called news articels  but in fact its reporting news thats already happend and therefore its OLD.  In the fast world we live in now its even more old than 10 years ago 🙂

Did you know when you read stuff you’re brains find it harder to think independent? And that to me is the biggest trap as a trader!!

Hope you learned something!

Want to wish you all a great day!

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