trading update


So as I said there will be more active trading and you can see that already,.. The trading portfolio is going well…the Drop in the tack sector is mainly there because of the services pmi that did not grow as fast but still grows which yeah about that… Economic numbers are still really strong which is well sort of how we call that insane but numbers do not lie.

So I do also want to take a little time to answer one question you asked me a lot… Why do I keep shorts open and pay the fee on them… Well the shorts are there to protect the downside! Im happy to pay a small fee for a perfect hedge in this place where in now it is vital! Really Really vital to do that! All traders who are professional do some hedging!

Also I’m running the portfolio now as a portfolio and no trade stands alone! So PORTEFLIO management comes before trade management! This can change the world changes but now I run it like a whole thing do my risk management also in that way!

Than I have some trades in the real estate sector I keep since that gives us some dividend income to offset the fee charge! They probably will be open for a long time because that’s why there in there ( unless I think they go out of business 🙂

Im also looking into and not sure on that one… If I can make this an income portfolio on top of the trading part( so we can get on top of the growing of the trading part also get dividends on monthly bases ) Since you all know I always tell you trading and investing are 2 different things and you need both! But it is not easy to combine those in one portfolio … But I can do it SO PLEASE GIVE ME YOURE TOUGHTS on if you would like that.

Its kind of a long post! But well I try to give some more insight in the blog on how I do things if you have questions let me know

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