trading update

trading update

For a lot of traders vacation is around the corner they sai slow period is coming… Well last year they had to come back early to there desk because of the financial market conditions!’
Now this means always opportunities!!! And I will be jumping on those!!! If they are there! And worth the jump! Where set up really good at the moment! The thing what’s important I see if there jump opportunities I cannot force the market to move into opportunities so in that way Im patient (in human patients that’s what some sai) And that’s something that’s one of the tools a trader needs!

What does that mean for me… Well I’m being me managing risk looking for opportunities JUMP on them when I can and this al means no vacation needed. I always be busy with the markets and I do this already for years on end so Yes its a becoming a way of life!! And a rewarding one!!

As Always for those who copy me for years! And are contacting me personally thank you for you’re support and you’re trust and patient al these YEARS! We will go on slow safe steady and aiming for lots f profits while keeping my promise to never ever blow up an account ….. ( I never did and I never will!! )

On that note wish you all a GREAT VACATION if you go on one!!!

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