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Noa Strijbos is the social trader I’m Trading the special noasnoas strategy! With good moneymanegment and on a slow and steady pace. You can join me here! Peformance : Peformance 2014 total profit of 597% perfomance 2015 total profit 37% When youre looking to contact me:

Reuters interwiewd me!! look what they where writing!


reuters interwiewd me!! look what they where writing: Noa Strijbos Now I’m realy feeling famous!! Please comment and share if you like and where you like!!!  

new facebook page:

new facebook page: you can confirm it as I also post it on my openbook profile! I did ask Ben from etoro to post the link! Noa Strijbos Profile  

noasnoas on twitter

noasnoas  social trading on the etoro is on twitter: yes noasnoas on twitter Join ME on twitter name: @socialtrading_n

Noasnoas SocialTrading

Social Trading noasnoas

Noasnoas Social Trading: Trading at the largest social trading platform on the world! Peformance 2015 total profit of 597% perfomance 2014 total proft 40%

Mario Draghi attacked confety

Mario Draghi attacked must see video!!!

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