Donald Trump suspended plans on mexicans terrifs so how will financial Markets react?

Donald Trump suspended plans on mexicans terrifs so financial Markets are up! thats the simple answer. than the ecb the inflations is going lower… fed rate cuts are more and more starting to be real in juli so watch the…

stocks trading update juni 2019

so all in all super busy in the market and as always where going strong!! For the $Eur/usd the market is now pricing in a ratecut possibility from the fed in July which is not set as 70% likely! OIl…


Apple is quitting I tunes

Apple is quitting I tunes Hi al lthank so much for liking this post got many emails! now apple is quitting I tunes Its will be replaced with 3 other aps after 20 years $spotify is boss now in…

trade wars

Good Morning all the whole market is in worry of the trade war! $SPX500 Europe $EURUSD $EUSTX50 is not looking goood $TIT.MI especially Italy, so a lot to be on you’re guard and next week will be important for where…

best trading monitors

Best trading monitors top 3

Best trading monitors top 3 The best of series read here the best books on trading and investing

Deathcross in trading

DEATHCROSS Death cross in trading is a technical indicator that traders use trying to predict bearish market energy. A death cross is a breakout design that shapes when a security’s short-term moving average falling underneath its long-term moving average. The…

changed the site

Hi all did changed the site I would like to know if you like this better. It would be a lot of help if you could let me know! Thanks in advange! greetings Noa Strijbos

stocks rally on good earnings

Financial update trading

I did short $tesla having casflow problems in terms of spending is a sign for trouble …but Make no mistake I like tesla cars I like the determination and pioneer vision from elon musk So markets down what you do……

friday 13 black cat

Done with Real Game of Trones ( the Trump China one) I go watch my favorite serie

Game of Trones