update stocksnoasnoas 22-01-2018

update stocks noasnoas:

Hi All where going strong…. I expect in the coming months to finally have doubled the account in real Therms and that is without the dividend paid to you. If we Go on like this there will be 4 times we can do a dividend for you all… If it will go better than we wil look to do some extra. The dividend paid to you already this year stands on 2% planning to make it a total of 8%. Or more if this works for us and we get more profits.

$gopro keeps on to be a difficult one and also its the one I’m least sure but if I’m right the profits will be amazing like each year I do take one trade on witch is not coming in profit as fast as I want to but can get great returns …. This was the case for $Wuba And $nlfx

so we keep on building it!

for those who like to know you can start copying with 100 dollars on the stocksnoasnoas the average persons copy this account with a 1000 dollars. The noasnoas minimum is now 350 dollars and soon will be 400 dollars minimum because its growing so fast. The Noacopyfund I would recommend minimum of 1500 but in real therms this is an account for larger capital. I know I have clients there copying with 20.000 dollars.

Best reads find them here: https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/how-to-learn-trading/



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