update stocksnoasnoas 25-09-2018

Hi All!!, where so good positioned for end of the year!!! For a super nice push! As I said we will protect the profits so far made and ofcorse that’s on top of the 15% copydividents given back to you!! Also planning to do another copydistribution for end of the year… But first lets go on slow safe steady aiming for lots of profits! we do not need crypto’s for good returns! Since a lot of you keep asking me if i trade crypto’s here my anwer again NO $BCH here or any other crypto’s. Best performances $AMZN $CRM $SQ made a small profit on $ULVR.L Europe is not the best place to be now there for short $EURUSD one of the longer term trades now! Which is also paying us 🙂 in the mean time! on that note wish you a great day and Im hunting new trades 🙂


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