Good morning all!

So al of you know I was cycling in some new positions and there paying of already! $store $pg The real estate positions $o $bxp $cah I did closed some losers out as you shoul and I have some realwinners like $shop and yeah it has a pullback a little but as you can see its now picking up nicely sometimes when you have room in a trade you can afford to wait until it develops better or worse …and You can than adjust accordinglyTHE TREND IS YOURE FREND!

!! I Where at the moment pretty flat for the month its okay ince where now possitiond okey for end of the year also we have room (cash to do some nice trading) I always like to be flexible and always like to make sure where stabile! I would not be the first to tell you RISK MANAGENT IS THEY MOST important thing in trading AND YES getting rid of losing trades is also one thing that’s important to!!!! So yes Im doing my thing! With no drawdowns so real green equity ! And Wish you all a great trading day!

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