we could not enter that trading platform for a whopping 17 hours.
Yeah that happened never before it took that long…

That offline tools is useless since you can only close positions and adjust sl not hedge! Or take advantage of opportunities that are there!

Not good but its part of a bigger problems markets have now days to deal with more rerailtraders and that in itself is rare! But a trend that you cannot stop!
And platforms need to adjust to it and that is not easy,,,,, therefore broker risk is real and it will be effecting trading but if you aware of the risk you can trade around it and this is the time to do think of that!!! I always think of where my risk is and see if I can isolate it… Trade around it or prevent it trading is a lot about what risk you want to take and what not… This is not only Fact in positions you’re trading but also in global themes and yes broker risk… How Do I now this well simple the numbers are telling me!

Just so you know there is a reason why we have not much draw downs and why we have some cash to make moves quick!

SPEED is important (I do not mean flashing daytrading insanity that wont work anyway)I mean if you can shift when markets shift and are flexible to ad or subtract fast its super important for a clearhead room for decision making and piece of mind… I mean I need sleep to perform and make good trading decision!

So in all this I hope you understand that no matter what you trow at me I Will always ALWAYS DO what’s best for my copyrs AT ALL TIMES!

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