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The stock market this week has experienced a winning week. A variety of events of how allowed stocks to shoot up and perform well. The financial update on stocks begins with the S&P 500 gaining 255 points on Friday. The NASDAQ was up by 0.7%.Futures began in the green pre market on Friday. As the day continued, futures dropped and many of the tech stocks turned negative for the day.

NIO has experienced a great week. Friday morning the EV stock was up by eleven percent. The stock has skyrocketed over twenty percent this week. They report earnings next week on the seventeenth. NIO has not been alone in its skyrocketing price. Cisco reported earnings that overly beat expectations. This result caused the stock to rise by seven percent. The company also released better than expected revenue. Disney was up Friday morning due to its announcement about its streaming service. Disney+ has performed well during the pandemic with more people watching movies at home than in the movie theaters. The entertainment company announced they had over seventy three million subscribers.

Ulta Beauty shot up by over seven percent this week with the announcement of their collaboration with Target. The giant retailer releases its earnings reports on the eighteenth. On Friday Ulta was up by over four percent. DraftKings did especially well with their earnings report. The sports betting company beat their third quarter expectations. The expected loss per share was 61 cents. The revenue reported was $133 million dollars which was one million more than what had been forecasted. The company reported it has over one million players. Their fiscal year range has ben raised to over $540 million dollars. Shares for Draftkings rose by 10.3%.

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