Mario Draghi

Rate cut tools ECB

Rate cut tools Rate cuts tools will be used if Europe doesn’t improve (ECB) Mario Draghi fun video And yes more stimulus needed and did I mention we will be using the rate cuts tools I’m short the Euro for…

Mario Draghi

Draghi speeche

Draghi speeche Hi all ECB time, Draghi is giving a speeche today Lot of data coming from UK! and BOE’s Governor Carney is giving a speech than from US: Initial Jobless Claims ooh and mostlikely TR….. All in all busy…

Euro fell after draghi speech and PMI data

Euro fell after draghi speech. Euro zone is still having issues to keep it short. All PMI data came out worse than expected today. So all in all interesting times Wish you all a great weekend. Greetings Noa

Mario Draghi

Mario Draghi speeche will he act?

Mario Drgahi speeche will he act? Hi All in a cople of minutes we hava a Mario Draghi speeche and well question is will he act and do more easing?? Lets see what happends!! After the speeche noting special or…

Mario Draghi

Mario Draghi speeche

Mario Draghi speeche is comming up in 40 minutes. Lets see what he is up to today… The eur/dollar was down since last friday due NFP and the hourly earlnings report wich made al the difference! Have a good day…

Draghi talks the EUR/USD down

Draghi talks the EUR/USD down: It was a good week for us! Yes Draghi was talking the Euro down and the US data was good! The account is in good shape and starting to pick up profits. This is how…

Mario Draghi attacked confety

Mario Draghi attacked must see video!!!