Best online brokerage account for beginners

Best online brokerage account for beginners

Best online brokerage account for beginners  For beginners, it can be a little confusing finding the right kind of a broker. I believe the best Best online brokerage account for beginners is Etoro.  Why? ( because I know them for years now! And trade there myself ) It will offer you a soft landing if you are new to forex trading. It is custom built, offers social trading tools, has an easy to use interface, and high-quality educational resources.

Interface: Unlike other brokers, eToro has developed a custom mobile and web trading platforms which beginners find easy to use. Most other brokers rely on MetaTrader App.

Minimum Deposit:

eToro allows traders to make a minimum first deposit of $500. This is an amount that most first time traders can afford.

Demo Account:

eToro offers beginners with a practice account with $50, 000 virtual money for use during their training. Additionally, the practice account does not expire and traders can continue using it until they are confident to invest real money.

Learning Resources and Tools: eToro broker offers all its customers daily market updates thus helping them to keep up to date with the economic news happing across the globe. The broker also holds webinars with the aim of discussing various events. eToro also has a dedicated section on educational resources and materials.

Social Trading: The broker allows new traders to copy the trades of more experienced traders so that they understand how forex works and can ask anything. This ensures that traders earn as they learn. All the traders in the community are verified and the risk of an individual losing their money is minimal.

Getting started in eToro

  1. Sign Up CLICK HERE

To sign up, visit eToro.Com. The broker does not require lengthy paperwork. Opening an account with the broker is straightforward and free. You only need to enter your particulars and select your username. Moreover, you will be asked to give a phone number to protect your account.

  1. Make Deposit

You may not need to make a deposit at this moment before you get familiar with the application. However, you can deposit money by clicking on ‘Deposit Funds’ button at the bottom left. eToro allows you to make an initial deposit of $200. This is a perfect amount to begin with as the broker enables you to copy another trader if you have a minimum of $100. You can deposit money in different currencies such as USD or GBP. You can use your credit cards or electronic wallets. Paypall, skril, moneybookers, Bank 

  1. verification process

A clear copy of your valid passport or government issued ID, showing all the relevant information including:

  • Your photograph, full name and date of birth
  • Country of issue and issue/expiry date
  • Passport/ID number and MRZ number

a clear copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement (no older than 6 months) showing:

  • Your name
  • Your updated home address
  • Date of issue
  • Issuer of the document
  1. Copy Traders

After you familiarize yourself with the broker’s platform, search for other traders who you wish to follow or copy. This can be done using many useful filters to narrow down on the best traders with impressive performance and in the right markets. For traders you copy, when they execute a trade, it is also opened in your account and also closed when they close. Fully automated. You can Copy trades someone with a maximum of 50.000. You can copy me and read about me and check my trackrecord. started in 2014 

I only advice Etoro as the Best online brokerage account for beginners beacse I know them for years now! And trade there myself.


Bitcoin trading platform

Bitcoin trading platform:

The best Bitcoin trading platform is by far This One!

Why is it the best bitcoin trading platform?

1) You can trade the real bitcoin trading price
2)You pay spread but no rollover fees
3) You can be in an out in minutes
4) since you trade with a bitcoin broker like you trade currency’s you can deposit and withdrawal with skril money bookers, paypall, bank account creditcards thats a mayor plus!
5) You can also short Bitcoin
6) you can trade also other cryptocurrecys. Bitcoin Cash
7)you can even use leverage
Ripple Litecoin Dash Ethereum Classic, Ethereum trough the broker.
7)withdrawals are next day (with moneybookers) or can take 3-5 business days with the bank.

The best online trading platform for crypto currency’s

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Tradingbots are for idiots

Tradingbots are for idiots!

Yes you read that right bots!!!!

I hate the trading bot Idea! I win from a trading bot all day long!!!

They maybe spot things in the market but they do not spot big fundamental things before the market moves!!! And that’s where big money is!!!

Also there designed to sort of day trade …. And therefore fighting other trading bots with algorithms, the fastest bot wins 🙂
There also designed to benefit from spread rebates etc.

Also you have no control over you’re money at all!!

The reason why I tell you this do not use trading bots but learn it yourself. You beat the bots all day long!!!

First step learning to trade Be Curios ask a question!

Trading tip Ignore Mainstream Media as much you Can!

Trading tip!



This week was Very interesting and also lot of proof that if you want to be a good trader you need to have some skin to resist all what’s told by the mainstream media!! So yes Just ignore it as much you can~!! There predictions are wrong almost always… The where wrong with the brexit wrong now with the elections! And even worse they where wrong on how the market would react when those events would play out they did!!!

More Reason to Ignore mainstream media the Media is there to convert clicks and reads….its  not to inform you correct there there to make you read there created content wich has noting to do with correct information.

I also see maintream media as a big trap 🙂 for you as a trader it let you consume things there not important for you as a trader at all even when youre a socialtrader like me it doenst help if youre  brain is bussy with  things that happend in the past I mean its called news articels  but in fact its reporting news thats already happend and therefore its OLD.  In the fast world we live in now its even more old than 10 years ago 🙂

Did you know when you read stuff you’re brains find it harder to think independent? And that to me is the biggest trap as a trader!!

Hope you learned something!

Want to wish you all a great day!


Noa-Strijbos Track record 2015

Track record 2018:

trackrecord for 2018 sumup!

I do want to wish you all a great a happy new year and all the goods for 2018!!!

I want to thank all my copyers for there trust and most of the once that are copying me already for 4 years.
Yes I’m doing this already for 4 years And I’m planning to do it a lot longer!!! Best year was 2014 597% returns.
I Manage 3 accounts: noasnoas, stocksnoasnoas, noascopyfund there all manual traded by me!

When you would have started investing with me from the start with 50.000 dollars this is roughly what you would have now:

noasnoas: 513.000 dollars! 4 years trackrecord

stocksnoasnoas starting 50K you would now have around 85.000 dollars; 2 years trackrecord

noascopyfund: 50k 54.500 dollars 1 year trackrecord

What about next Year?

I do expect that all my accounts will do better simply since Im having more time for trading as my daughter now is a little older!
Since the hunt for Yields is big I do expect the stocksnoasnoas and noasnoas as well will do very good this year !
Nocopyfund is a little bit different since the 2 main thing for that portfolio are 1 be invested in the market 2) hedge out risk as much as possible and get risk adjusted returns!

Memorable for this year!
There is one blogpost witch is readed a lot 🙂 its so important!!!
Still the most fun video:


Track record 2015 Noa Strijbos:

noa-strijbos Track record 2015 (noasnoas)
noa-strijbos Track record 2015 (noasnoas)


last year trading peformance is history with max drawdown of 21% And a 37% Profit ending with a drawdown at his moment from just 1% wich I’m happy with.

There is lot of room to exeed that peformance in 2016!!!

Thank You all for being here with me and thank you for youre trust to invest in way I trade!

And Its so amazing all the help I get from you all! It really feels in a way we are a team! I could not be ding this for so many persons if I would have done things all by myself!!!

So for those who helped me and My gues is that they know it… THANK YOU!!!!! (from logo’s to groups to give feedback and much more)

Most special moment the Interview with read it here  reuters

so for the Next year we have some great things comming up! Like the stockportefolio I started: stocksnoasnoas

Wish you all a great day! Feel Free to share Like and comment!!! Thank you in advange!

Noa-Strijbos Join!!

Noa Strijbos

Noa Strijbos
Noa Strijbos

Noa Strijbos is the social trader who trades for 3000 clients. Has more than 30.000 followers and you can follow and copy and you can join the profits on the social platform

I’m Trading the special noasnoas strategy! With good moneymanegment and on a slow and steady pace. You can join me here!


Peformance :

Peformance 2014 total profit of 597%

perfomance 2015 total profit 37%

3000 Persons are invested.

When youre looking to contact me:


stocksnoasnoas Update:

stocksnoasnoas Update:

Good morning all!! planning to make some trades this week so if you want to join the account you can jump in … As Markets stabilize somehow we go on slow safe steady and aiming for lots of profits! I’m also looking for some nice trade outside the Teck sector to get some trades that do not correlate with that sector $XLK I’m also on hard mode to not give back the profits we made so far this year So like warren Buffet is teaching first rule do not loose money second rule … see rule number one!

Trade Wars

Trade wars and many  things that are capturing the market:

to sum it up Inflation, trade wars, end of cycles political risk, consumer dept, weak dollar and on an on I can go Vol is jumping around Tech sector down a lot taking big hit over the facebook $F regulation and also leaks.
So all of this is not to be taken light and economic data is still strong … But is also be strong for a long time so therefore this is a market where you should be on you’re guard and therefore where not fully invested… If we bottom I want to able to buy a lot if we are getting in a real bear market it will be time for shorting 🙂 That time is not there yet in my opinion. Interesting thing that CBO forecast the US will have a 19,5 years without recession uh really that would be a BREAKING record!!!

So all in all Im maybe not so much as on openbook but believe me Im a lot on analyzing and watching the market the whole day!! And yes a lot of alarms are there when I’m sleeping….

So for now I want to wish you all a great day please feel free to share!!

Best read and trading tip:

Greetings Noa Strijbos

Happy Easter

Happy Easter for all of you!! Greetings Noa

Analysing Thank you for youre pataints

I know its bin some time for a proper update!
Thank you all for you’re patients!

The market needed some background analyzing and well Than I tend to be little less online and more Doing my real job as a trader. Which is analyzing…. And making (cents sense dollars) From it.

I lot is happening like that Volatility jumping around …. Facebook regulating. Trumph as always.

Also I think noansoas account will be if you look year to year in the end of this year have a great pefomrmance but where down for this year,… Stocksnoansoas is doing great even with the big teck stocks down where going strong.
noascopyfund: Is still in building stage for this year as always End of the year we will see pefomance. With a 3-6 month trading horizon.

Want to wish you all a great day!

Trade Wars

Trade Wars:

Trade wars are capturing the markets import tariffs on steel and aluminum. So I’m very much on all of this since some are really talking about end of cycles and the bull run can be stopped by big catalist and therefor I’m also on my watch and follow it all very close!

Today important things to watch is the ingrease in hour wages.  wich will be important for monetory policy and Ofcorse the payroll data.

On that note wish you all a great day!!!


Greetings Noa Strijbos


End of cycles?

Hi All so Good Morning!!!! A lot of talk in the markets of end of cycles and yes we so far have a really long run! And Well evenWarrenbuffet is not buying and than you always should ask yourself should I 🙂 I’m watching it all very closely also beacuse the volitility is higher now and does spikes and therefore I’m very becarefull and keep cash on the line for drops and heagdes On that note wish you all a great day

noa strijbos update 27-02-2018

noasnoas update!

I want to thank all my new copyers and more my old copyers for there trust to copy me and are with me for many years!!
I told you I will do this forever.

So yes sometimes I love to be a retailtrader since If I do not like the market for own reasons I can make the coice not to participed for some time… This is a big advange for us! So all in all For the noansoas account also etoro asked to de lavrage so well one of the reasons we closed some positions and started fresh.. so all in all where litle behind for the year but Im also geared with a lot of cash to invest in a nice way! So there lot of big things happening in the market like cop tax cuts. Intrest rates and much more.

Also loved one comment from Warren Buffet: Deploy capital when markets going down 🙂

Well where going to do just that!! And with more vol it can be more fun to 🙂

The stocksnoasnoas account is going strong and have many on m watchlist so a lot of trades comming in for the year!

noascopyfund is now fully heagded and also building that out!!

Want to wish you a great day!!!

Greetings Noa Strijbos

Hi al stocksnoasnoas update!

Hi al stocksnoasnoas update!

So since etoro asked me to take leverage down I need to take profit on a lot of the trades I’m very happy we are trading the way we do so in this case it not a problem. As in where not in a loss. And where going to get a lot of profits J After this I will be only leveraging 2 times maximum!! But that will always give me some more room also

for more trades and that can be a good thing!
As always its so hard to be e flexible to make sure if etoro changes things or putting limits to us in a way to be able to do make adjustments  swiftly!! I will alwyas do my best to do this and also in a way that benefit is beacuse yes I care about my copyers!!! And I will always find a way to make things work even with small hikupssssss big hikupss I do not care!! I will work around that!!! Be sure about that!

What does this mean really!?

  • I will take profits on all my positions
  • 2 I will open and build the portefolio back!!! So for new copyers this will be a really good time to copy and for those who want to add I do asure you this is the best time!!!!
  • I will open all new trades with Max 2 lavrage.
  • Its an asome oppertunity to use to copy dividents!!! So I will do a copydivident ditribution for you witch makes te divident fort his year a 4% already!!!! I mean thhis is really working so I’m exited about that!!!
  • In profits wise the profits wont be affected as much fort he new portefilio beacuse we will bee having some more oppertunities! To trade and having more capiral distribution!!
  • If you have any questions Please let me know!!

Inflation on the rise

Inflation on the rise

inflation on the rise Therefore some are talking about 4 rate hikes possible.So all-in all intresting and As always I will be watching close!

In the mean time the volitility did come down and where looking fors ome good entry points!

But Now more than ever fundemental vieuws are most important and As Always I do my work on that first!! Witch is a long grind lately!

So I’m confedent all play out! And about the account Since some of you really where on the wrong time of copying witch made them more in drawdown than me please have pataints we will al be fine and please

understand since now I just have 2 trades open the real good part is that youre now in synchronization with me and that believe me that is a good thing!!

I’m also looking for ways to make sure this doesnt happen in the future…. Believe me trading is not hard but making things makeing work out for all copyers thats the hard part and as you all know I always find a way!!!

So on that note I do want to wish you a great Day!!!

Best read stil


I’m a MOTHER  a woman Trying to use the upside of multitasking

I’m a MOTHER  a woman Trying to use the upside of multitasking.