What Is a Pip in Trading?

As an aspiring forex trader, you’ll have to navigate many terminologies. Some of them may be confusing at first, but understanding them is vital to your long-term trading success. A pip is one of such terms, so what does it mean? A pip stands for Percentage in Point or Point in Percentage. Also known as … Read more

Should You Copy Warren Buffett’s Portfolio?

If you’re a novice investor looking into famous investors to model your portfolio after, Warren Buffett is probably one of the first people you looked into. According to Bloomberg, Buffett is considered one of the greatest investors of all time, and with good reason, as he is currently the eighth-richest  person in the world. But … Read more

Does Warren Buffett Take Notes When He Reads?

Does Warren Buffett Take Notes When He Reads

Warren Buffett, also known as the Oracle of Omaha, is a highly successful business tycoon and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett is highly successful, his net worth amassing at over 100 billion dollars, and he largely attributes his enormous success to his habit of reading every day. Warren Buffett takes notes when he reads, which … Read more

4 Best Trading Monitors

Having a trading monitor can save you a lot of time and help you gain deeper insights into daily market fluctuations through easier data visualization and assimilation. You won’t have any problems fitting your key indicators on the screen with a proper trading monitor. But which ones are the best? The best trading monitors on … Read more

Buy stocks

I’ve bin buying a lot opening new positions and all this is why we need cash so we can buy when we want…Sometimes you build positions and sometimes you take profits@@ $building positions to take more profits late That was now!!! As I said there Will not be many opportunities like these and theretofore we … Read more

job growth oil Price

In the markets, the U.S. is gaining traction with job growth. The oil prices increased due to higher outputs from OPEC+. In the stocks, the Dow is down -1.11%. All other stocks are down too. The US and Japanese 10-year bonds are up by very marginal figures. Additionally, gold has remained stable while copper is … Read more

Motivation quote 1: More Success

quotes more succces

Motivation quote 1: “I will be having more success in my life, because I refuse to give up! I do not know that word It’s Erased!” Noa Strijbos

what is a death cross in technical analysis

DEATHCROSS Death cross in trading is a technical indicator that traders use trying to predict bearish market energy. A death cross is a breakout design that shapes when a security’s short-term moving average falling underneath its long-term moving average. The death cross is a technical chart design demonstrating the potential for a noteworthy selloff. The … Read more

finance BLOG best of

Best Books you need to read as an investor: https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/trading-books-you-need-to-read/ How to trade stocks and most important things you need to know https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/how-to-trade-stocks-html/ Best video to see on economics The TECHNICAL INDICATOR THAT IS important https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/golden-cross-in-trading/ tradingbots are not usfull at all: https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/tradingbots-are-for-idiots-html/ Ignore mainstream media as much you can! https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/trading-tip-ignore-mainstream-media-much-can/ Who are the best study them: https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/the-greatest-forex-traders-html/ … Read more

Trendtrading in forex

TRENDS ARE YOURE FRIEND UNTIL THE END! Why Do Trends Exist and Are They Reliable? Ideally, consumer and market psychology is the primal constituent behind the persistence of a market trend. In following the Herding financial psychology, traders deliberately sell at low prices in a market that suffers from fluctuating price levels. This leads to … Read more

Golden cross in trading


What is a golden cross in trading Its a popular signal that is seen by a wide public as a bullish signal and therefore supported by high trading volumes and therefore supported by a strong buy momentum How does a golden cross pattern look: The 50 day moving average crosses the 200 day Moving average … Read more

The Greatest Forex Traders

Greatest forex traders

The Greatest Forex Traders   Greatest forex traders In the world are: George Soros Stanley Druckenmiller Forex, also referred to as foreign exchange, FX or currency trading refers to the act of trading currencies of the world. On a daily basis, a form of currency trading is carried out because if you aren’t paying a … Read more

Tradingbots are for idiots


Tradingbots are for idiots!

Yes you read that right bots!!!!

I hate the trading bot Idea! I win from a trading bot all day long!!!

They maybe spot things in the market but they do not spot big fundamental things before the market moves!!! And that’s where big money is!!!

Also there designed to sort of day trade …. And therefore fighting other trading bots with algorithms, the fastest bot wins 🙂
There also designed to benefit from spread rebates etc.

Also you have no control over you’re money at all!!

The reason why I tell you this do not use trading bots but learn it yourself. You beat the bots all day long!!!

First step learning to trade Be Curios ask a question! https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/how-to-learn-trading/

The trend is you’re friend!!!

The trend is you’re friend!!! Until the end and than when the trend did end …. Its still my friend since there will always be a newer trend Noa Strijbos

ves wild markets well Hold you’re horses!

ves wild markets well Hold you’re horses! So as Im saying wild markets but where fine and I will be managing things accordingly also keep in mind the economic numbers are Supricsingly good if you take into account how the world is looking now including inventory supply problems … Inflation seen in some places and … Read more

Thank you that the blog is well recieved here top post at the moment

Hi All, Thank you that the blog is so well receivedbest post at the moment: https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/why-does-warren-buffett-read-so-much/https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/golden-cross-in-trading/https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/does-warren-buffett-take-notes-when-he-reads/https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/trading-books-you-need-to-read/https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/saudis-500bn-mega-city-neom-html/ On that note WISH you all a great weekend and I Will soon give another update on the portfolio! Noa Strijbos

Beating inflation get dividents and have upside potail is agood thing in trading

Beating inflation get dividents and have upside potail is a good thing in trading specialy in times like this…. I will be aiming for more upside but I will be protecting the downside risk as much as we need to. we stil have months to go before year and.. so I will be trading stocks … Read more

Why Does Warren Buffett Read So Much?

Warren Buffet is quite admirable for his humanitarian efforts and $101.8 billion net wealth. However, he’s perhaps best recognized as one of the world’s most successful investors, and many are curious as to how he achieved such success. Does he read, and if so, why does he read so much? Warren Buffet reads so much … Read more

earnings seasion and Getting more trade setups

So as the title tels you I’m looking for more trade setups into august since most traders are on vacation and we can build into trades 🙂 I will update more on that later in the week for now I will be on my desk doing a lot preparing for the next cople of months … Read more

Financial Markets SUPER SPEED MODE

Economy growing slower yeah that’s all fine!! Dept piling no good but makes opportunities. Pricing increasing (inflationary) New orders growing well c ovid supply chain issues also double orders to fill up delivery’s I mean GREAT!! THIS IS ME trying to give you a small rundown of how I look to markets if I would … Read more

CPI inflation day

its all about the inflation and today we wil see data and some reaction on it!

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