Europe financial news

Europe financial news Or portfolio is going strong and I added some positions into it! THE ECB next has selected yes you read it right cristine Legarde. The Pmi numbers where okey for Europe but UK services PMI did not looks to slow a lot $gbp/usd Later today we will have the Us numbers out […]

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Deathcross in trading

DEATHCROSS Death cross in trading is a technical indicator that traders use trying to predict bearish market energy. A death cross is a breakout design that shapes when a security’s short-term moving average falling underneath its long-term moving average. The death cross is a technical chart design demonstrating the potential for a noteworthy selloff. The […]

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Golden cross in trading

What is a golden cross in trading Its a popular signal that is seen by a wide public as a bullish signal and therefore supported by high trading volumes and therefore supported by a strong buy momentum How does it look: The 50 day moving average crosses the 200 day Moving average The opposite of […]

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finance BLOG best of

How to trade stocks and most important thing you need to know Best video to see on economics Best Books you need to read as an investor: The TECHNICAL INDICATOR THAT IS important tradingbots are not usfull at all: Ignore mainstream media as much you can! Brokers Mater I like this one: […]

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Greatest forex traders

The Greatest Forex Traders

The Greatest Forex Traders   Greatest forex traders a word on those!Forex, also referred to as foreign exchange, FX or currency trading refers to the act of trading currencies of the world. On a daily basis, a form of currency trading is carried out because if you aren’t paying a French trader in Euros for […]

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small update Big incomming trades

Wish you all a GREAT WEEKEND I will be working a lot for new TRades and revieuw the market since where heading to the traders vacation… wich always gives big oppertunities…. I know lot of persons are telling you OOH SLOW period well YEAH I agree but make no mistake Almost Every year there big […]

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Mario Draghi

Rate cut tools ECB

Rate cut tools Rate cuts tools will be used if Europe doesn’t improve (ECB) Mario Draghi fun video And yes more stimulus needed and did I mention we will be using the rate cuts tools I’m short the Euro for a reason! Love to show you technical like the goldencross But really fundamentals are so […]

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trade wars

Good Morning all the whole market is in worry of the trade war! $SPX500 Europe $EURUSD $EUSTX50 is not looking goood $TIT.MI especially Italy, so a lot to be on you’re guard and next week will be important for where we heading,,,globally. The ecb is worrying about dept …. $panw is trading lower since they […]

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