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Good Morning al!!!
Wish you a great day and week ahead!! were Going strong!! And there is no sign of stopping Banks #SCHW are behind all finance is behind indexes #SPY #SPX500 are stil pushing higher anyway! Best peformer now is #NFLX #GDDY oil is stil going strong #COP #AMZN 4 positions now Very strong portefolio for now we will adjust accordanly! Also we have some cash of we need to heagde out some of it I do not see any reason for it now if it comes where ready for it!

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Friday the 13 the market doesn’t care if its a unlucky day

Friday the 13 the market doesn’t care if its a unlucky day!

Did you see a black cat on friday the 13??


So could ba an unlucky day Friday the 13 🙂 but a lot of stock just reached there all time highs the market doesn’t care if this is the unluckiest day of you’re life its doesn’t care what you feel or think it just is!

Very ikportant lesson the market doesn’t care!!
Make sure you understand this in full!!

And today was a perfect example so I hade to share!!!

friday 13 black cat
friday 13 black cat

TemptationIsland trending

TemptationIsland trending brings me down to earth!

Yeah I have no time to worry about that temptationIsland top trending on twitter I mean is the world bored? Im down to earth at my trading desk! With a lot of exelsheets beauty’s

We took some profits on $spy And where building further from here.
As stated before there some changes in in regulating for the broker and therefore I have to act on that and I did. I’m always very aware of those things and on top of that.
Trying to do the best for my copyrs. (Also trying to look further than just today regulating will be a pain for brokerages but there always to slow to react therefore we have a big advantage. As you can see where very on or way to build out and position us for some good moves. (that took some time I know Thanks for you’re patiants copyers!)
Wild moves can happen in vacation periods and also for us this can mean lot of opportunities! I get my horse out the gate and make sure it runs fast ( for those who know me yes Im a horse trainer deep in the hard and always will be)

Sector update for today! What finance up 🙂
Consumer Discretionary
Information Technology
Health Care

For this week there a lot of inflation numbers coming out so will be watching those!
On that note wish you a great day!


Hi All The vacation is comming for ig institutional trading deskkk and that means like each year oppertunitiessssss!!

On that note doing a lot of analyzing charting etc!

Also update one super important Item that is capturing the market Its  a Really good video about trade wars please watch it it is Really good!  On that note wih you all a good Weekend and we go on slow safe steady and aiming for lot of profitss

Trade Wars


Hi All

I updated the report on buisness post its fresh and current again 🙂 https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/all-industries-reported-growth-on-ism-report-on-business/

Since in august etoro will be changing again some things with sl defaults and regulating stuff how its going now I also feel the need to structure the portfolio little different but that will be on or favor! On that note good things are around the corner since IM here for the long run and I always was although I get lot of offers outside of etoro to manage capital in an even more pro way long term for others for now this is still my home.


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The Greatest Forex Traders


profit taking etf vacation trade wars and a good weekend for you all

Hope you enyou you’re weekend.
There is another quarter gone where there was a lot of profit taking in the market yeah trade wars … Vacations coming up slow period and well sometimes when the big boys not there could be rising opportunities for us…

A lot an I mean a lot op traders where pushed squused forced out of there etfffffssss we did not!
we have patient’s as long as all my metrics are okey I hold on… if some thing break down we can always hedge if I think we need that… This year we see a lot of big moves and they come fast but there also disappearing real fast so all in all a fun period! Also one where you can see that my inhuman patients makes sure I do have a relaxed aproach!

I hope you all have a great weekend

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Greetings Noa

The Greatest Forex Traders

The Greatest Forex Traders

Greatest forex traders
Greatest forex traders


Greatest forex traders a word on those!Forex, also referred to as foreign exchange, FX or currency trading refers to the act of trading currencies of the world. On a daily basis, a form of currency trading is carried out because if you aren’t paying a French trader in Euros for the goods you just bought, then the person you bought it from did. This means that the importer had to convert their currency to Euros before trading with the French trader. Thus emphasizing the need for foreign exchange. Today, the forex market amasses up to 5 trillion USD on a daily basis, a lot more than all the world’s stock market combined, making it the largest and most liquid market in the world. Obviously, people have been making a whole lot of money from currency trading over the years. Here are the two greatest forex traders of all time in our books.

George Soros: George Soros, born Schwartz György, had his name changed by his father in an attempt to escape the horrors of the Nazi Germany in 1936. He emigrated to Switzerland in 1946 and then to England in 1947, where his financial career would kick off and bloom at such an early stage.

Soros’ stroke of genius and parachute to stardom happened in 1992 when he bet against the United Kingdom’s currency in the forex platform and raked in over one billion dollars at a go, thus making him the first forex trader to have earned that much in one day. His win meant the Pound Sterling was no longer able to stay above the agreed minimum hence forcing, the UK government to withdraw the currency from the European Foreign Exchange on September 16th, 1992. To this day, the event is remembered as the “Black Wednesday” in economics and politics. What happened was the

Bank of England was largely vulnerable for a number of reasons like its high interest rates and the unfavorable manner it joined the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) as successfully predicted by Soros. Britain however continued to intervene by buying sterling or raising interest rates or both whenever the value of pound weakened as against the Deutsche Mark. Soros saw this as an opportunity and took the risk of building a large position short of sterling with his Quantum Fund. Comments suggesting impending pressure on certain currencies by the President of the German Bundesbank on the eve of Black Wednesday made Soros take an even greater risk and “go for the jugular”.

The Bank of England, while buying billions of pounds on Black Wednesday noticed the slight difference in the price of pound due to the large sales from other speculators following Soros’ lead and all its attempt to raise the UK rates fell through. The UK’s ripple effect exit from the ERM and announcement of the free-floating nature of the Pound caused the currency to plunge a massive 15% against the Deutsche Mark and 25% against the US dollar. The Quantum Fund made billions of dollars from this singular trade and George Soros became known as “the man who broke the Bank of England”.  Now that is legendary.

Stanley Druckenmiller: Druckenmiller was part of the Soros team that “took down the Bank of England”. At that point, political and social complications surrounding the negotiations for the unification of Germany caused the German Mark to suffer constant depreciation. Druckenmiller saw the undervalue as an opportunity for beneficial purchase and placed a multi-million position on the German Mark which George Soros made him increase to 2billion. He raked in a massive 60% earning for the George Soros’ Quantum Fund.

Asides being part of Soros’ massive Black Wednesday trade, Druckenmiller later established his own fund – Duquesne Capital – for which he made a massive record of successive years of double-digit gains.

George Soros’ massive shadow of greatness in the forex world makes it not much of a surprise that he has a connection to other great forex moguls. However, anyone who can constantly generate profit from forex is definitely a successful forex trader.

Taking a word from Druckenmiller, it’s always best to adopt the strategy of preserving capital and then pursuing profits aggressively when trades are doing good.

fx trading


Well there we go the well expected drop is there! And we where in on time And we will ride it out!! As I always do with inhuman patients and discipline!!
Where going okey and now Im looking to allocate some more capital also trying to keep the riskcore low apparently Etoro wants …. Or to diversify more Than I would like to or keep so much cash available that that doesn make sense in this kind markets really…. If a anyone from etoro want to discus this please feel free o contact!!


FX Trading
FX Trading

I recently invested into $XLY for the diversification purpose!

I have at this moment no interest in Europe other than 2 dividend stock I added.

I will do a nice forex post this weekend for you because I know some of you like to read those more time consuming post and its appreciated you read it:)

On this eur/usd drop note I want to wish you all a great day!


Importand week Ahead!

Important week ahead!

so im awake early preparing for it like i have bin al weekend.
a small summup QE desisions from ECB
The Fomc will they hike… mostlikely
Trade war stil a item that is there al the time
Presisdent Trump is meeting Kim Jong Un
And than we have a lot of inflation data comming in also

Yeah Bussy week and important summer season 🙂

Best trading tip: https://noasnoas-socialtrading.com/trading-tip-ignore-mainstream-media-much-can/

Wish you all a great day

All industries reported growth on ism report on business

All industries reported growth on ism report on business (3-juli)

All industries reported growth on ism report on business that’s right Again!!!

Again yeah No signs really for something that cracks down… It will one day for sure and we will be prepared for it. We will be headging out some for protection if we need it! So we have patients and we go on slow safe steady and aiming for lot of profits…We also wil be watching trade wars and the devolepment in that.

Since in august etoro will be changing again some things with sl defaults and regulating stuff how its going now I also feel the need to structure the portfolio little different but that will be on or favor! On that note good things are around the corner


2 jun.

All industries reported growth on ism report on business

All industries reported growth on ism report on business that’s right on that note it was a stunning end of the week! Not to mention the unemployment rate is now standing at a 18 year low!
So all in all lot of more opportunities now and more solid after all!

Euro zone still struggling with all sort of things and well data from there is not good at all.

I will be busy trading accordingly there is a time to be sitting a little on the side and there is a time to go hunting and be active!!
On this note I waish you all a great Weekend!

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