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aud/usd Short Australia

aud/usd Short Australia

Yes you hear that right Australia looks like A great short at the moment $aud/usd. Im sorry really I hate to be happy when country get in trouble But live comes in cycles and country’s do well in cycles an sometimes there not!

Yeah and so nice I got an email from a copyer who is with me from 2014!!! For those who are also Like Him I know there a lot of you 🙂 Im honored And Thank you for you’re trust!! Its ofcorse also nice he emails me in persons!!
I told you Im here for the long term and will always try to do best for the copy’s and this doenst mean I only try to make good trades and or do great risk management (with the inhuman patients Im known for ) its also that sometimes regulation changes platform rules changes and I will always try to do the best I can for the copyrs….But I will tell you this: trading is Easy but trading right with the rules of platform changes after regulations changes…………. is Kind of Really hard if you’re trading longer term!
But Again I will be on top of that And I will always try to do best for the copyrs!

We did take some good profits and we have a good start of the Year! And I intend to keep that up…

Also I will be updating more in this Blog since so many of you ask me that!

On that Note Wish you all a great day and we will for on Slow Safe Steady and aiming for lots of profits!!

Greetings Noa Strijbos

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Pound Party Brexit play!

Pound Party Brexit play!

Hi all!! its a pound party and one I like Finaly some real movement!

Just closed some positions already but closed them also since leaving them open was litle bit to risky.

Now lets see if we can make a trail party instead of a pound party!

Wish you all a great day greetings Noa

Wish you all the best 2017!

Hello All! Currently working to plan and analyse ahead for 2017! PMI s coming up today so will be not as such online as usual this week but I will try to look my wall and answer each day!

Stocksnoasnoas is going trong.
plan for noasnoas is to be active this year!
noascopyfund will be most hedged from all the portfolios

Wish you all a great 2017!!!