Trading tip why you need to do the work

Trading tip: why you need to do the work. As always I was busy doing the work in the weekend to prepare for trading…. If you think that is easy … To be honest some parts are super boring but you have to do the work always!!! That discipline is so important!! I do that always….. No matter how I feel or even when IM sick DO THE WORK ALWAYS! If you want to be a good trader or investor again those are 2 different things!!! If you do not want to do the work or lack discipline on that part do not trade at all….

This means really Hours of analyzing making sure I have all scenarios covered on the risk part and that I have all plans in place so when the market throws me something I can catch and jump fast!

This is about one of the things that make me money I’m patient that is key but when I need to shift I will react fast! And I can react fast since I have plans for more than one outcome…. Also when you doing this enough and fast enough and in more places in the market than you Will also a feeling for things so you can be more sure of things and have more confidence in you’re trading! Mental health is important not stressing about you’re positions is key I will write A long post about that one later on.

Another reason why doing to work is important… Even if you where once a good trader and stopped and than got back into it even than Its important to do the work I mean a football player who is not in season will train anyway!!

Why being organized is important:
Well Im not an organized persons this is fine since my creativity is where my best ideas come from… But My trading room is super organized so when I trade I can focus on the things I need to focus on and have no distraction!
Also when my life gets chaotic its harder to trade …. (yes I will say it when my baby was born thing got more difficult on the trading side.)

Matching how you feel with you’re trades can be super powerful!
Some say do not trade when you do not feel okay… Well I agree on that but You should also be not always play by the rules sometimes you can use it….
Example: when I was in the hospital scared for my self and my unborn baby BREXIT HIT the markets with fear and cable was going down fast since I basically felt the same way (and markets are also driven by greed and fear) I made a lot of money.

Somehow trading gives me a hedges on so many things its is really more a way of life.
I will always do the work.

I Hope I helped you understand why you need to do the work always when you prepare you’re trading.

Greetings Noa Strijbos

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