stocktrading portefolio update!

how is my stocktrading portefolio doing at the moment

Its going good….

Im sitting behind my computer after a walk with my old dog!
Seeing some swans thinking about the financial markets and well the trends that get a huge boost now are not leaving my mind! As you can see in previois post on amazone!

Teck was once a industry that was crashing down when markets where going down … well not anymore!! Its the sector that some persons are now thinking to be more safe… So what should that mean well…. it means that whole sector is growing up! And maybe its that one thing that willl chamnge or lives forever and make us more produtive.

So amz and aple are smashing earnings like nothing is happening!
In the mean time Warren buffet is buying so this could mean that investing is more in focus (money needs to go somwhere) Please also know I always talk about that investing and trading are 2 different things and you need both!

I will be thinking some more on this like this is just how My mind is alwasy working on things. 🙂

On that note wish you all a GREAT WEEKEND

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