intrest rate policy is from the 1930

So that will be good for $gold its also like why we go back centyrys and its never different but you have more hiding places than gold now! We have a whole industry more that is fully grown up now and all yes all signals that the teck sector is matured and it should be reckonid with… I cannot inmagine that in the teck bubbel we would almost say teck was a safe heaven… well now in this crises this is where evryone did go… why ?? for a lot of reasons I wrote an article about the trend speed up! That is what crises can do also globalizizon is part of thios what more well they have grazy balace sheets and less overhead cost.. and a BIG outreach to cliants for almost free this means they can infulance the world for free (no advertizing cost beacuse we just keep ypuo forever on a platform like facebook persons spend a lot of time on those.