Does Warren Buffett Take Notes When He Reads?

Warren Buffett, also known as the Oracle of Omaha, is a highly successful business tycoon and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett is highly successful, his net worth amassing at over 100 billion dollars, and he largely attributes his enormous success to his habit of reading every day.

Warren Buffett takes notes when he reads, which often include highlighted passages, notes in the margins, and tabs on ebooks. He associates his success with a daily reading habit and typically annotates more than 1,000 pages of text a week to be able to easily summarize and retain the information.

If you want to keep your brain sharp, you may want to read like Warren Buffett. This article will go into all of the details, teaching you how to read as Warren Buffet does. We will also discuss how it can help you improve your life, make more informed decisions, increase your knowledge, and develop many positive habits that will make you a more efficient and successful person.

How Much Does Warren Buffett Read?

Warren Buffett is a highly successful investor who has made a large fortune on making informed economic decisions. Buffett often discusses how he became a self-made billionaire, and believe it or not, he largely attributes his success to reading every day. 

Buffett spends 80% of every single day reading anywhere between 600 and 1100 pages of text. He always takes notes on the things that he reads, and he believes that taking notes is one of the most important parts of getting the most out of his reading time. He sees this time as an investment, and he has said that reading every day has helped him develop patience, decision-making skills, dedication, and perseverance. 

As Buffett says, “I read and think, so I do more reading and thinking, and make less impulse decisions than most people in business. I do it because I like this kind of life.” 

He uses his time spent reading to improve his outlook on life, listening skills, and ability to make informed decisions. He recommends that anyone who wants to be successful should read at least 500 pages of text every week and learn to take notes on all of their reading. 

Why Warren Buffet Takes Notes As He Reads

Warren Buffet explains that it is crucial to be able to summarize and explain the things that you read after you are done reading them. To help him process the information he reads, Buffett often annotates his books, writes in the margins, highlights passages, uses sticky notes, and adds tabs on his ebooks. 

Taking notes can increase your comprehension of the material and improve your memory, too, so making it a habit can help you in many ways. When you read someone else’s words, it’s often difficult to retain the information down the line – especially when reading something long or complicated.

One question that is asked a lot about Warren Buffet and the anwer:

How To Read and Take Notes Like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet is very vocal about how reading can help anyone get the most out of their lives, and he often tells people how he attained such vast success in doing so. Below are some of the ways Buffett advises people to incorporate reading into their daily habits.

Take Notes on Everything You Read

Taking notes is an integral part of reading for comprehension, and if you want to understand and remember that information that you gain from reading, it is crucial to take notes. By putting the information into your own words, you are more likely to retain the knowledge in the future. When taking notes, use the following steps to ensure you don’t ruin the flow of the work:

  1. Preview the book at hand. Go over the table of contents and the headings to get an idea of what to expect.
  2. Do not take notes as you read. Doing so will stop the flow of the words and can lead to confusion.
  3. Read one to two paragraphs to get the whole idea across. You can then decide if it is worth remembering.
  4. Highlight any relevant points. This could be dates or facts related to the topic.
  5. Ask questions. Note down any questions you may have from what you just read, which you should be able to answer by the end of the chapter.
  6. Finish the chapter and take notes. Once you have finished the chapter, go back and review the highlighted portions and any questions you had. You should then be able to make informed notes on the content, summarizing or marking down key facts.

Read at Least 500 Pages of Text per Week

While Buffett often reads more than 500 pages of text every week, this is what he recommends to people who want to be more successful. Buffett sees reading as an investment of knowledge, time, and dedication, stating, “That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest.”

Practice Intentional Reading

Intentional reading is a necessary practice if you want to get the most out of your reading. It is easy to skim through one book in a day, but if you’re going to absorb the book’s knowledge, you have to take your time to understand what you are reading.

Reading is pointless unless you can internalize the information you learn, so you should try to pay attention to what you are reading and try to process by writing notes and summarizing, as described in the above section.

Practice Prioritizing

It can be hard to sit down and read, especially if you have other things you need to do, such as work, exercising, or being with your family. Still, taking the time to read every day is an essential part of getting the most out of your reading practice. Buffett often reads in the morning before work and in the evening before he goes to bed. 

Keep Track of Your Progress

Buffett compares his reading habits to making investments and sees his reading as an investment of his time. If you want to read like Warren Buffett, keep track of how long it takes you to read and how much you read every day. Just like any investment, you should start to see your reading progress gain interest over time. 

You should begin to see that you can read more in the amount of time you designate, and keeping track of what you read can help you remember more over time. 

How Can Reading and Taking Notes Like Warren Buffet Help You Become Successful?

Buffett does not read and takes notes just for fun. Reading and taking notes can help you see tons of success in your work, family life, and mental health. If you keep a daily habit of reading, you will start to see many benefits, making your life and work much easier and more efficient. 

It Teaches You To Plan and Prioritize

If you are a working person and have many tasks to complete in one day, you may find that reading for 6 hours and taking thorough notes on what you read is unattainable. Still, successful and busy CEOs like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, and Elon Musk all take a significant portion of their days to read. This reading and note-taking habit has helped them prioritize their work and invest their time cautiously and thoughtfully. 

Prioritizing your mind and your education can help you learn so many things. Most importantly, it can help you understand that your time is valuable and that you can learn to manage your time thoughtfully and constructively. It can teach you to focus on your tasks and realize what is important to you and what is not. 

It Teaches You To Be a Better Writer

Reading a large number of books in a week is not only good for your productivity, but it can teach you new words, help you internalize grammar rules, and learn more about what kinds of writing are hard to understand. Reading is the first step to becoming a better writer, so the more you read, the better you will efficiently communicate with other people. Consequently, taking notes will also help you to become a more efficient writer. 

It Teaches You To Work More Efficiently

Reading and taking notes about other people’s experiences can help you learn more about the things that you are doing in your own life. Whether you end up learning about family, work, hobbies, history, or anything else, these lessons will help you come to your work and life from a new perspective, and they will encourage you to incorporate other people’s ways of doing things into your own practices. 

In addition, when you are reading and taking notes, you may feel the pressure to stop and work on something else. The urge to work can be powerful, especially if you are reading about new methods of productivity. However, prioritizing your reading and learning as much as you can will help you get more enjoyment out of your work, change up your routines, and try new things. 

It Teaches You To Learn From Other People’s Mistakes

The more your read, the more you learn, which could save you more time in the long run because you will be more focused and make fewer mistakes. When you read, you learn from other people’s mistakes, which can help you avoid making the same mistakes on your own. 

Books contain tons of accounts of other people’s experiences. Whether you can relate to them or not, they can be uplifting, encouraging, frightening, or powerful. You never know how one person’s story will affect your own. Reading a lot in a day can teach you to use other people’s experiences to improve your own life. 

Learning from other people is an excellent way to improve your ability to empathize with others. It will also help you value other people’s advice, making you more open-minded in the future. Reading can help you get better results and reflect on the things you are doing before you do them. 

It Teaches You To Take Time for Yourself

If you feel like you are always working, you may quickly become burnt out, and the quality of your work will likely suffer. Prioritizing guilt-free reading and taking your time to get the most out of your note-taking can help you learn to take time for yourself and encourage you to learn how to take breaks when you need them. 

Though it may not feel like it at first, reading and note taking can help you realize that breaks are an essential part of maximizing your time. If you feel that you should be working or doing something that feels more productive while you read, forcing yourself to read instead will ultimately improve your work life and quality. 


If you want to see the kind of success that Warren Buffett has experienced, you may want to incorporate reading and note-taking into your daily habits. Reading and taking notes like Warren Buffet is a way to increase your productivity, become a better communicator, improve your life’s quality, and learn positive practices that could help you see more work and life success. 


Does Warren Buffett Take Notes When He Reads

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