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Noa Strijbos HI ALl!!
Old and new copyers I want to thank you for you’re trust to copy me!! And for my older copyers amazing that you keep the faith in me A big thank you for you’re patients and I will make sure that will be rewarded!! The baby and me are doing great for those who want to know!

So now a proper update! On the accounts was writing it at 5 in the morning ugh!!!

Noasnoas account:

So all in all yesterday was special ooh another record high..,.. Also you can see I was very good positioned for the big $eur/usd drop! The noasnoas account is going for profit!! Also since the account is getting bigger and bigger I ad one indices position. Same strategy just more money in the end.
and its all about profits and I’m aming for just that this year!


Yesterday I closed out 2 small positions chevron and pepsi in small profit abacuses there better opportunities at the moment and they deserve a spot in the portfolio! We will get some more diversification in and currently looking into it!
The portfolio is going strong as you can see in the performance! And just love the $barc.l trades I have bin doing this year the made most money by far


The best risk adjusted portfolio I manage is build and from now on we will build it bigger and better with low volatility drawdowns and good risk adjusted returns. I mean well hedge!!!

Wish you a great day feel free to share it on socialmedia and if you have any questions let me know!!

Greetings noa strijbos

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