oil bonds and inflation short news

HI allBonds are rising oil demand is weakeningus indexes is midly positive inflation up! so all in all intresting markets please rply to my latest post for some input for the blog wish you all a great day

Question for my loyal readers!

Good morning INdex es are down we are up for the month and more to come I want to ask you what would you want to see for info from my side what topics you llike me to cover on my blog More news on stocks?more news on forex?more on indexes ?bitcoin?or more about how … Read more

INflation dividents

HI all inflations is high markets down and where building a divident machine. We are well build for watherver the market is trowoing at us and yes this means pataints and pataints is key here to build it so that it will be Great long therm…. So all in all where going great slow safe … Read more

forex news

Forex has made some interesting moves. what has been happening with the world’s most important currencies. -On Tuesday, the British pound rose in value due to the inauguration of Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister. The market has full confidence in his talent to lead the country, as he has been a successful banker and an … Read more

Is Selling After Hours Considered a Steering Wheel?

After-hours trading gives you the flexibility of reacting to market news and taking advantage of price swings. Does this mean that after-hours selling is a steering wheel? After-hours selling is considered a steering wheel in the short term because it affects the stock prices between closing and opening bells. However, price movement during this time … Read more

8 Reasons Why Stock Traders Use Multiple Monitors

You might have seen traders on the news, in movies, or in their office with up to six monitors. The first question you are likely to ask is whether all those monitors are necessary. It turns out that there are many valid reasons–and one that might not actually be valid–why stock traders need multiple monitors.  … Read more

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