Warren Buffet anual meeting 8 awesome highlights:

Warren Buffet annual meeting 8 awesome highlights:

These are put as my own interpretation!

There is no formula for buying the right stock! The formulas you learn in buisnessschools don’t work… Give someone a formula that works on a certain situation the only thing you create is that that what is teaches (making the formula nothing more…. Works…on That particular situation.)

Buying back shares is a theme all over the place… Better than do accusations at the momen for most big company’s better allocation of capital.

Yes the way payment will work in the future is unknown… But still he doesn’t see crypto currency like bitcoin as a good investment simple it doens produce income!!!

An 8 year old was asking some serious questions the crownd went silent 🙂 warren said you’re killing me!! And there we have one of his greatness literal all persons who are a shareholder can ask him anything And well he mentions you could be on my accountant team… 🙂 and well That 8 year old girl mark my words will be one day in the spotlight for being an some investor!! If not one go the greatest! And I totally agree we need more woman in the industry!!! (if you like to read about one look at wikipedia Hatty Green https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hetty_Green

A small problem to invest 50 billion into businesses since at this point they cannot find them so now there going for the second best with decent returns.

Depth is so cheap now… But when that changes well They have a lot of cash to do what other company’s cannot do 🙂 because the amount of cash they have hanging around.

Warren hires the one who understand natural the chapter 8 of the intelligence investor over any buisnescooll student!

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