blockchain technology

Why I do not invest in bitcoin but rather in company’s that are using blockchain technology!

So A lot of persons think im against bitcoin which im not! As you all know im a little rebbel and LOVE new in_ventures that change the world and bitcoin did just that! But as some new things it has pearl that are more useful than other parts !! And really the pear is the blockhain technology!
The big hype in bitcoin is over and it got competition now to which is a good thing! But Yes I was invested in it and now I translate that in a way since I rather invest in companies that is using the blocking technology to drive efficiency and therefore earnings!

So for you who think Im not in bitcoin Im only not in the second line !!! Only in a much more secure way which also much more upside potential!
And yes I put my money where my mouth is!!

$Bac $ma $Mic

Make no mistake its a big thing it really is!
I also will be on the blockchain technology and the trends new parts of it if you like this post please let me know!

Did you know that works for bitcoin trades as well??

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