Cash is trash!

Cash is trash!

Printing like insane more like mass production is what it looks like! So the real return on money is negative and will be negative for a long time. But I use the hell out of it… HOw?? Well I need cash to be the one than can quickly rebalanced I can do that much quicker than any company in the word Use you’re upside potential is KEY! You can see that I was so quick when the big drop in the market was there! And still draw downs where super low in the process.

Make no mistake in these times I do make the most money in al my trading years always!!! ( I have trading journals really that go years back years and its always the same! See my 500%+ return in 2014 WICH WAS ONLY ONE ASSET eur/usd)
Since I know how to go and trade that kind of themes…. and yes You need to know what you’re good at and trust yourself completely!!!

What is the best hedge inflation is important when you have the printers that can basically print an unlimited pile of money! (money does grow on trees apparently its called the fed)

One more word on cash is trash… What is the best hedge (edge ) is really using the hell out of equity trading (not investing I always tell you need Both but here I’m talking about equity trading as a hedge )
and yes I do have cash in the portfolio and the only thing I use it for to be really quick and be able to rebalance! The heck out of it if I see fit!

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