Baby is Born

Baby is Born:

Hi all we are now proud parents of a beautiful girl. We are super happy and ofcorse I have to recover a bit after a difficult pregnancy. In the mean time Im on my trading desk preparing for some more active trading in the incoming weeks. I want to thank you all for you’re super support and kind words patients and trust. ofcorse feel free to give you’re congratulations

Greetings Noa Strijbos.

5 thoughts on “Baby is Born”

  1. Congratulations!!!
    Take it easy! Listen to other moms, neighbours, aunts,… believe their experience -slow and steady for 6 weeks 😉 Give your mind and body time to recover from pregnancy and birth. You’ll have full time job for about 14 days now.
    Enjoy with your baby! They grow so unbelievably fast. Take too many pictures…every day… it won’t be enough anyway.
    Believe me …I am a first time father of 25 days old girl 😉
    Kisses and hugs from my family to yours!

    1. Thank you sergei!! nice words we wil try to make as much pictures as possibal and take it slow and steady for recorvery!!

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