Margin Trading

Margin trading :

Margin trading I was  thinking to post a chart trackrecord and show a small comparison of that with 2014 witch was my best year!

Since I’m super active and create lots of time to give it all my best!

You can see that in the performance as you can see where ahead of the 2014 track record by a wide margin 🙂 that’s how I like to look at margin trading! Yes its different I know! But Still I like it!


I know some of the persons on the platform where whispering I would never get back on track or whatever other negativity’s they spread. I’m Lucky that all went well with me and my daughter and that a  lot of you ignored the negativity and I feel fortunate that so many of you stayed!! And Now I have a laugh at those who where doing so much criticism! I made a lot of money fort he copyrs who stayed margin trading Noas style; And this is only the beginning of the year!

I hope you want to share on socialmedia and comment 😉 Thanks in advance!

Wish you A great day!!!

tradingbots are for idiots read 🙂

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